Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine


Ancient Medicine is Modern Medicine

Ancient medicine is modern medicine

Yoga Practice

To be able to absorb life, one must be able to digest food.


Spring is the time honoured period for cleansing and starting anew. 

Life strives toward balance. Balance brings a better life.


Ageing does not have to be feared. As the physical wanes, the spiritual waxes. The secret is to allow.

Vaccine Injuries

New diseases used to appear regularly in nature. Now, they are artificial in origin.

Recurring Conditions

Do you have a persistent condition? Arthritis, cough, or pain?Herbs are the beginning to the end.


“It worked exactly as you said it would. My throat got worse for three days and then suddenly it cleared up completely on the fourth day, just in time for my speech. Thank you!" 

— Dianne, Calgary