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Why Lemonweed?

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Mythology and medicine have been known to cross paths in strange ways.

Many years ago I had been rummaging through an obscure ethnobotany book that mentioned how the Thompson indigenous peoples of British Columbia used this plant, Lemonweed (Lithospernum ruderale) as a love charm "to stop thunderstorms." Elsewhere, I discovered that their neighbours to the south, the Okanagan, had used it for the very opposite effect--as a love charm to make it rain. At first it all seemed like mythological nonsense.

Yet, the more I delved into the contradiction, the more I began to realize this plant only grows in arid regions of the world. And if there is one thing that people of dry lands fuss about more than anything else, it's worry and speculation over rain. Will there be enough? Will there be enough rain that year for grasses to grow, for cattle to become plump and fat, and for the rancher, herder, shepherd or nomad of the grasslands to flourish and become wealthy?


"Rain" is the symbol of fertility throughout the dry lands of the world, and Lemonweed is used as the love charm to control "the rain." 

As I delved even deeper into this confounding mystery, lo and behold, to my great surprise, I discovered that back in the 1950s scientists had isolated the biochemical components of this plant and found polyphenol compounds with estrogenic qualities. Well, if you know anything about estrogen, you know that, depending on dosage, it can be used to either increase fertility or decrease fertility.

Or in other words, Lemonweed can be used to 'start the rain' or 'stop the rain.'  

The kicker, is that the Thompson and Okanagan indigenous peoples already knew this. They had been using Lemonweed for a very long birth control!

Since I happen to come from one of those drylands areas of the world--the Okanagan Valley--and with my discovery of the crossover between mythology and medicine, something I often imbue into my practice with clients, I felt compelled to call my company...Lemonweed.


Lemonweed Herbal Medicine, in partnership with Errant Empire Herbal Medicine, has been helping clients become healthier and more fulfilled in life since 2007. We offer our clients specialized holistic health care in a friendly, earthy and expansive environment. Every individual is unique. As such, we invite you to find out more about us and the various services that we provide.

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